Transcription is the process of listening to recorded speech and typing it up into a document.

Intelligent transcription edits out all the hesitations, unnecessary repetitions, false starts and filter words like, ‘you know,’ ‘right,’ ‘like,’ ‘erm,’ ‘okay,’ – okay?

I work with people who make audio or video recordings of spoken English.  This can cover anything from interviews, Facebook Live sessions, online coaching course videos, therapist 1-2-1 sessions, HR grievance procedures, thesis research interviews, website ‘about me’ videos, weekly newsletters… you say it, I type it!

I also offer proofreading and copy typing services.  If you have anything that needs going over with a fresh pair of eyes before publishing or if you have a pile of printed materials that need to be turned into an electronic document, I can help.  

Contact me to discuss your requirements.

Let’s face it, typing is one of those tasks that most people can do; but if the thought of listening to the sound your own voice and tapping away with two fingers at the keyboard for hours on end doesn’t appeal, you need to outsource this task to someone with a good ear and lightning fingers to tackle the job for you.  

It can take up to an hour for even a good transcriptionist to type up a 15-minute recording.  When you factor in background noises, poor recording quality, strong accents, cross-talking and technical terms, a short recording can be very difficult to listen to and type up.

Outsourcing this to me at Teal Words will ease your pain.

If you have ever recorded anything that you know is full of good content, why is it sitting on your computer waiting for someone to watch or listen to it?  

How about re-purposing that great Facebook Live video and using the content in a blog post?  That webinar you hosted would be great typed up into an e-book and your online course videos would be more digestible for your client if they could follow them with a transcript and offer a complimentary learning process.  

I can transcribe your recordings into a Word document or to your own template specifications and get this spoken content written on screen for you.

Let’s do this!

For transcribing, I charge per audio minute of the recording supplied.  Prices start from £1.30 per minute and depend on various specifications such as the number of voices, quality of the recording, background noise, strong accents, technical terms and the speed of turnaround required.

Proofreading prices start from £10 per 1000 words and copy typing prices are available after sight of the hard copy provided.

Drop me an email or give me a ring and we can discuss your specifications and I will put together a free no-obligation quotation on price and turnaround for you before you make any commitment.


•  Most formats of audio or video recordings are acceptable and can be sent via e-mail or via a private shared file on Dropbox.

•  Fast turnarounds are available if required.

•  No job is too small but there is a minimum charge for £10 per project.  I can take on single projects or regular weekly or monthly projects.


Jen is efficient, organised, extremely friendly and helpful, but above all accurate. 

Until this year I had never outsourced any kind of work like this before, but when my workload became just too much to handle, I contacted Jen and she stepped in immediately, taking the pressure off and supplying me with a speedy, reliable and accurate copy typing service.  She’s now on speed dial in my phone and in my email favourites for the next time overwhelm hits and I need her help.  

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Jen and her services – you can be sure your work is is safe hands!

Jo Shaddick

Director and Designer, ByJo - Bespoke Wedding and Event Stationery

Jen Davies at Teal Words offers a transcription service that is second to none!

As a customer I have been using the transcription services from Teal Words regularly for almost two years now.  From initial inquiry to completed contract Jen provides personal attention to the project, reliably meeting agreed deadlines, producing precise work in the required formats.

Communication is excellent and a joy.  When I commission work from Teal Words, I am confident of high quality service and the right product every time.



Jen was friendly, clear, and concise when it came to transcribing a piece of work for me.  

She went above and beyond what was required and produced an accurate and tidy transcript ready for me to use.  

I highly recommend Jen at Teal Words to anyone if they want an affordable and timely transcription!