I am a sucker for a list.

At the start of the year I sit down and make a list in a beautiful planner.  I look over the next 12 months and make a plan of goals to hit before the end of the year.  I don’t call them New Year’s Resolutions because that would guarantee that I would never look at the list again and it would be forgotten about until the following January.

It’s my Goal Plan and it keeps me on the straight and narrow for the year to come.  This year I have used a Passion Planner for my overall goals and the Awesome Marketing Planner for my marketing strategy.

In my plan I include personal and business goals and I create a structure with dated deadlines for things to start and finish.  I refer to this plan on almost a daily basis and it ensures that I keep my goals at the front of mind, whatever I am doing every day and every week.  I know there will be some weeks when I lose focus and lose my way a bit, but every Sunday I have a reminder on my phone to review my plan and see how far I have come in the past week.  This is normally enough of a kick up the backside to get my head out of the shed and back on track.

Do you make a list at the start of the year?  What kinds of things do you include on it?

This year I have included things I want to purchase for my business, client target numbers, social media followers, income figures, marketing tools and goals, business books to read and software to study for my own personal development.  Personal goals include eating plans, family trips, personal fitness targets, and work to do on the house and garden.

Even though I am a typist by trade, I know that when I write down my goals in my own handwriting on paper, they become a commitment for me – things that I have come up with in my own words, committed to and that I need to work on with some structured urgency.  Once I am happy with my list I type it all up nicely, proofread it and check the formatting of course!

I know that there are a bazillion things that I could put on this list but I limit it to the most important things for me and my business so I don’t become overwhelmed.

This year, after getting my list together, I had a little brain melt.

Gah! Too much stuff to do!

I can never complete it all as the goals are so big and so far away from where I am right now!

Can I really do it?

The thing about January is that it is only step one of twelve that I need to make before I can reach the big goals. Every month before the end of the year is a step towards a smaller goal.  Every week in each month is a smaller step again.  Small steps are much less daunting than big ones, and much less scary and more achievable.  I have smashed my January goals and am well on my way towards February’s already.

How do you make your list?  Do you go for the planner option like me?

I love both of these planners and am a total stationery geek.  This year I have a Passion Planner which is fantastic for scribbling long-term and short-term plans and making monthly, weekly and daily ways to include year-long plans into achievable and manageable bite-sized chunks.  I heartily recommend the Passion Planner to anyone in need of some goal planning.  If you want to take advantage of their brilliant 50% off sales contact me here to get a recommendation code.

To schedule all of my social media I have bought the Awesome Marketing Planner System 2018 by Claire Mitchell at The Girls Mean Business.  I had one last year and it was a great tool for sorting and planning my marketing and social media content over 2017.  Claire gives great straight-talking marketing advice, and the planner alongside the online portal are both packed with useful tips and advice.

I love seeing the plan for the year stretch out before me, holding so much potential for me and my business.

What does your year look like and what steps have you created to achieve your goals?  If there is anything I can help you with on the typing front, get in touch here.



I am an affiliate for the Awesome Marketing Planner System and have a referral deal with Passion Planner.  I only endorse products that I love to use myself so you can be sure that I only recommend the good stuff!