Procrastination – is something better than nothing?

I am the queen of procrastination.  I have been meaning to start my blog for months but for many reasons and also no good reason I have not managed to get anything past the ‘publish’ button.  I have many skeleton posts filed away to be worked on for future use, but have yet to compose that first perfect post because I am a victim of perfectionist paralysis.

There, I said it.


I feel like I have revealed a deep personal secret to the world.  It’s true.  I am a perfectionist, and much worse, a proofreading perfectionist.  I have it in my head that things have to be checked and checked and double checked to make them absolupely absolutely perfect before I can show them to anyone else.  This, in itself, then protects anything I make from public display so if I don’t put anything out then it is (and I am) protected from public scrutiny and criticism.  And what is the point in that?  There is no point in nothing.

So here is something.  Here is a blog post.  Surely a blog post is better than no blog post.  

A blog is an update about what is happening with someone.  No update would suggest that there is nothing going on with Teal Words, however this is not the case.  Stuff happens here in Teal Towers – I gained two new lovely transcription clients last month and a large copy typing project is coming to an end this month.  

I have changed my business in the past two years since I started up in August 2015 and am focusing more on the transcription side of things as the current explosion in Facebook live broadcasters and online video courses has underlined the importance of video for small businesses and freelancers.  I have been thinking about my blog post for months but never sat down with the specific job in mind to write one and publish it because a million and one things stood in my way.  

Except they didn’t stand in my way, I just never did it.  I just had to do it.  So here I am, doing it.

Bye-bye Procrastination.  Hello Just Doing It.

What are you procrastinating over?

Have you planned how your business is going to work over the summer?

Have you written or recorded your content in advance or are you going to go offline for the summer?

Could you outsource to someone to help you maintain an online presence while you are sunning yourself on holiday?

The thing with procrastinating is, it is really easy to do but it is also easy to get over.  Once you have diagnosed it you can treat it with a little bit of planning.

I am currently reading the book “Eat That Frog” by Brian Tracy.  It is a great book which forces you to face your procrastinating tendencies and get stuff done.  According to a saying from Mark Twain, if the first thing you do each morning is eat a live frog, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that it’s probably the worst thing you will do all day.  Tracy says that if you visualise that one task that you have been putting off as your frog, write a plan on how to tackle it and then focus on ‘eating’ it before you do anything else, then this practice will make you get the important things in your life done.

For me, my bloggie has been my froggie.  I have sat down and written a plan of attack.  My plan is to post a blog every month with an update on how my business is going, and with a view to finding out about what my clients and readers are up to and how Teal Words can help them.  

Another froggie that has been staring at me and that I have procrastinated over has been my bookkeeping.  I have decided to outsource that area of my business as I don’t enjoy doing it and it stresses me out.  Simple to outsource and immediately less time-consuming hassle for me – it has to be a great benefit to my business.  

Are there any time-consuming jobs that you could outsource to a specialist in that field?

This blog post is my first anuran* meal and it really didn’t taste as horrible as I thought it might.  I just need to check it through and hit that publish button.  

How hard can that be?

If you have been putting off any time-consuming typing jobs that I could help you with, please drop me a line and say hello.  

We can chat over a virtual coffee (much more palatable than a frog) and I could save you hours of typing and free you up to do fun stuff like rollerskating or making money in your business.

*anuran = froggie

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