If you have spoken or written words that need to be typed up and checked,

I can help you.

You found my site for one of the following reasons:

You are an online coach selling video courses and you just don’t have the inclination to type up hours of your online videos for your course packages.  Your clients need a transcript and they need it soon.

You spent a lot of time and effort recording that interview/video and need to get the information from it to use in your business/research/book/website.  You, or your staff, just don’t have the time to spend hours typing it up.

You love making great videos and you want to make them more viewer-friendly with an accompanying text file.  Some help with your SEO would be a bonus too.

You have a great document that you’ve spent ages working on.  You need someone with a fresh pair of eyes to check it over and make sure you haven’t   miss edout aniy pnuctuation” or speld wrds rong.

You have a pile of handwritten or printed information but you really need it to be put into an electronic document and made to look good, so you can use it to help your business/revision/tidy your desk.

You just want to know what a transcriptionist does.  It’s not like translation, is it?

If any or all of the above statements are true, then…

Welcome!  You are in the right place.


I’m Jen Davies and I am here to help resolve your typing problems.  I turn your spoken words into usable, tidy documents, giving you time to get on with running your business, finishing your course, or making more awesome videos.

I can help you.  I offer a friendly, professional typing service designed to help people like you.

 I understand how time-consuming typing audio files and notes can be.

  • It takes you or your staff away from your clients.
  • You put off working on that dissertation because you need to access the information on your recorded interviews.
  • You can’t find the time to write that book/speech because staring at a blank screen and struggling with two-finger typing is uninspiring.


Send your recordings to me at Teal Words and I will turn them into spanking new typed documents, set out to your specifications for you to use as you see fit.

I proofread your work and give it a fresh pair of eyes and make sure your spelling and grammar are correct.

I am passionate about language, speech and writing.

I have a BA (Hons) in French, Spanish and European Studies and a sound background of 17 years in sales, marketing and office management for small, national and multi-national companies in the UK, France and Spain.  I set up my freelance business as Teal Words to nurture my love of words.

I take time-consuming chores like typing and proofreading off your hands, and return your files to you as an accessible document, making your information useful to your business.

If you have audio files to type up, documents to proofread or notes to type up then please give me a ring or send me a message here to discuss your requirements or click here to find out more.

I work freelance and am based in Cardiff, South Wales, a beautiful part of the UK.  I have clients who are local to me and some are based in other parts of the UK, however location is not important as I can work with anyone in the world through the magic of the internet.

I love reading and have always wanted to be a writer and plan to have my name on the front cover of a bestseller some day.  I also love running and can be found pounding the streets and taking pictures of wild apostrophes when I am not pounding the keys of my laptop.

My family are my world.  I am married to a wonderful Welshman and have three fantastic kids (11, 9 and 4) who keep me grounded and laughing.