Do your online videos need a transcript to accompany them?

Do you need to transcribe the great content in your live video presentation and re-purpose it as a blog or an article?

Do you have recordings of interviews that need to be typed up?

Send them to me at Teal Words

and I can get the job done for you.

What is transcribing?

I take audio or video recordings of spoken English, listen to them carefully, and type up the words that I hear into a document, editing out the repetitions, false starts, erms and the unnecessary filler words such as, ‘you know,’ ‘like,’ ‘yeah,’ ‘mm,’ etc.  This makes the transcript easier to read whilst staying true to the speaker’s words.  The final document is proofread to check for accuracy.

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About Me

Hello!  I’m Jen Davies and my business is called Teal Words.  I am a freelance transcriptionist and proofreader and I am based in Cardiff, in the United Kingdom.

I love listening to tangled phrases and turning them into neat lines.  I have a sharp eye, a finely-tuned ear and lightning fingers over the keyboard.  I love learning about language and am a self-confessed grammar geek.

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Jen Davies at Teal Words offers a transcription service that is second to none!

As a customer I have been using the transcription services from Teal Words regularly for almost two years now. From initial inquiry to completed contract Jen provides personal attention to the project, reliably meeting agreed deadlines, producing precise work in the required formats.

Communication is excellent and a joy.  When I commission work from Teal Words, I am confident of high-quality service and the right product every time.